Wednesday, December 3, 2008

6 Months

If I never see you again it has been nice knowing you

Playing at a club uptown and finishing up law exams the decision has finally come to the table....what is next on the agenda of my life?

December and January are already scheduled with distractions, AC for two weekends, two comedy shows, a cruise, perhaps some time in Cleveland, New Orleans, Miami. The law degree doesn't mean much without taking the bar and while the most visual occupations in my mind are high school teacher and psychotherapist, neither falls within my current degrees. There are invitations to Micro Decision Systems and Rock Ridge Music, there is the possibility of comedy or poker or travel, there is the actuality that I am drowning in debt.

Part of me feels like it is finally time to leave dodge, no regrets, no tether holding me back to my roots. There are plenty of people that I still have some connection with but they are fleeting and it seems like it is time that so do I.

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BWoP said...


On a serious note, sounds like you have some big decisions to make.

I wish you all the best!